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Cinematically timeless wedding, sports, and portrait photography

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Award-winning photographer Alexander Martin and his talented wife Tori bring a perfect blend of brilliance and creativity.  Alex can be focused technically with lighting and composition, while Tori's personal touches and attention to detail ensure an unforgettable, comfortable, and breathtaking wedding day experience.

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Michigan weddings Alex and Tori, sports, and portrait photographer Alexander Martin

Internationally acclaimed sports portrait photographer Alexander Martin brings a level of  cinematic and edginess like no other. Alexander Martin's sports images make you and your team feel and look like rockstars with sports photography that is more than just great photos, it's an incredible experience. GetLit Media sessions are available for individual & teams. 

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Michigan weddings Alex and Tori, sports, and portrait photographer Alexander Martin

When you want your story to be told in the most creative way, Alexander Martin is the perfect photographer for your high school senior portraits. Your senior photos and wedding day are the two times in your life when capturing and saving those moments are so important and have to be done right. We make it fun, exciting, and all about you! 

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Fine Art Portrait Photography

Michigan weddings Alex and Tori, sports, and portrait photographer Alexander Martin

From branding and advertising concepts for your business to just bringing an idea to life and feeling beautiful, Alexander Martin's timeless portrait work leaves you speechless. A stunning way to tell a story through incredible lighting, creative planning, and the perfect team to create the magic you have dreamed of.  

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Michigan weddings Alex and Tori, sports, and portrait photographer Alexander Martin
In camera>Photoshop photography education and workshops by Alexander Martin


The InCamera>Photoshop educational mission is to provide the best resources and tools that will help give other photographers the ability to understand how to bring their own creative visions to life through imagery and lighting. From beginning portraits to creative sports lighting, pop-ups and photo walks, even one on one mentorships. We want to help you reach your goals and be the photographer you want to be. 

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From our family to yours...

Tired of the the same old family photos? Want your next family photo to be a conversation piece in your home? Have ideas? Don't have ideas but want to do something fun? We have ideas and oh boy, we love having fun! Let's talk about a family project that will told for generations to come. Our creative team will make your dreams come to life with creative planning, fun excecution, and an amazing finsihed product that will make this family photo the absolute best ever. Click below to set up a time to talk and get started.

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Alexander Martin Imagery

Welcome to Alexander Martin Imagery:

Capturing Bold and Unique Moments with Eloquent Artistry

At Alexander Martin Imagery, I believe that every photograph has the power to tell a compelling story. With my bold, unique, and creative style, I strive to capture the essence of every moment, turning them into timeless treasures for my clients. Whether you're seeking wedding photography that encapsulates the joy and romance of your special day or fine art portraits that reflect your individuality, I am here to provide you with an eloquent experience like no other.

My Approach: I pride myself on my distinctive approach to photography. I don't just take pictures; I craft visual narratives that evoke emotions and create lasting memories. I have an innate ability to capture the essence of each subject, creating striking images that are both authentic and artistic. I understand that every client is unique, and I tailor my creative vision to suit your individual style and preferences.

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, commitment, and unforgettable moments. My wedding photography services are designed to capture the emotions, candid interactions, and exquisite details that make your day truly exceptional. From the nervous excitement before the ceremony to the heartfelt speeches and joyous dances, I discreetly document every significant moment, creating a visual story that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Your high school senior photo experience should capture the most important details of your high school days. High schools sports, clubs, hobbies, cars, or whatever makes you YOU!. I capture your life's finest memories in an artistic and creative way that will give you the visual memories that will look just as good as the memories are themselves. When Michigan high school seniors want amazing high school senior pictures and average isn't how you want to tell your story then I'm the perfect photographer for you. 

Fine Art Portraits: With my fine art portrait photography, I go beyond traditional posed pictures. I believe that every person has a story to tell, and my goal is to capture the essence of who you are. I skillfully blend artistic vision, thoughtful composition, and personalized styling to create stunning portraits that reflect your personality, beauty, and individuality. Let me create a timeless masterpiece that truly represents you.

World-Class Print Products: I believe that your photographs deserve to be showcased in the finest possible way. That's why I offer a range of world-class print products, carefully selected to enhance the beauty and impact of your images. From exquisite albums and gallery-quality prints to stunning wall art and custom framing options, I provide you with the perfect means to display and preserve your cherished memories.

Based in Lansing, MI and Beyond:


While I am based in Lansing, MI, my passion for photography knows no boundaries. I am more than willing to travel to capture your special moments, whether you're planning a destination wedding or an adventurous photoshoot in a breathtaking location. Wherever your vision takes you, I am dedicated to providing you with exceptional photography services, ensuring that your memories are beautifully documented no matter the distance.

Experience the Difference: When you choose Alexander Martin Imagery, you can expect a professional and personalized experience from start to finish. I am committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering photographs that not only capture moments but also touch your heart. Trust me to provide you with stunning imagery that tells your unique story.

For bold, unique, and creative photography in Lansing, MI and beyond, choose Alexander Martin Imagery. Contact me today to discuss your photography needs and let me bring your vision to life.

Alexander Martin Imagery  Lansing Michigan USA

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