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Being a photographer is by far my second favorite job in the world right behind being a Dad.  I love my son, my family, traveling, Thai food, and long walks on the beach with the sounds of Michael Bolton filling the air.  My real name is Richard Harris and I'm also a bit sarcastic and little immature :)


After over 25 years in the wedding industry, I have fallen in love with telling your story in a way that is as unique as you are.  I've had the honor of capturing close to a thousand weddings and continue to learn something new at every one of them. Pushing the envelop to capture the moments you'll never forget in a way that you've never seen. 

When just ok isn't ok. When average doesn't cut it. When normal isn't you...Alexander Martin is the one you want behind the camera telling your wedding story. 

Michigan wedding, sports, and high scholl senior portrait photographer Alexander Martin
Michigan wedding, sports, and high scholl senior portrait photographer Alexander Martin

Remember my favorite job, the Dad thing? Yes, being a Dad has given me many opportunities to experience photo day for sports. After a few years of seeing the results of our photo day pics I was motivated to start taking my son's photos myself.  Ok, ok, maybe I'm a little bias as far as my photo expectations, however, I only want what's best for my son like any other parent...right? So combining portrait and creative lighting techniques I had learned over my 25 plus years as a wedding photographer and now create one of a kind images my clients and their families love.  

I don't just love learning and creating, I also love to share, inspire, and educate others. As an educator, sharing the wisdom, experiences, and knowledge I have with others and seeing them grow and get excited is so rewarding. Excited to see where the future takes me and even more excited for all the cool people and photographers I'm going to get to meet along the way. I hope you're one of them, see ya soon :) 

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