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Alexander Martin's GetLit Media Sessions comes to Portage bowling Center

In the dynamic world of sports photography, there is a unique genre that combines the power of athleticism with stunning lighting techniques. Enter "GetLit," a captivating sports portrait photo session by acclaimed photographer Alexander Martin. Located in Portage, Michigan, at the Airway Fun Center, this one-of-a-kind session elevates the art of sports photography to new heights.

Sports photography is all about capturing the energy, passion, and determination of athletes in action. With GetLit, Alexander Martin takes it a step further, using creative lighting to add a dramatic and electrifying effect to each image. The Airway Fun Center provides an ideal backdrop, where the thrill of sports merges with the ambiance of the facility, creating a dynamic atmosphere for capturing extraordinary moments.

Light is a crucial element in any photograph, and in sports portraiture, it can be used to convey a sense of power and intensity. In the GetLit sessions, Alexander Martin masterfully wields light, using a combination of strobes, gels, and innovative techniques to sculpt the athletes' physiques and showcase their strength. The resulting images are visually striking, with each subject radiating a vibrant energy that jumps off the screen or print.

During a GetLit session, athletes step into the spotlight, and their prowess becomes the focal point. From basketball and soccer to volleyball and track and field, Alexander Martin captures the grace, agility, and determination of each athlete, freezing their moments of triumph and dedication in time. Whether it's a high-flying dunk, a graceful mid-air leap, or a lightning-fast sprint, every shot immortalizes the dedication and hard work that athletes pour into their craft.

GetLit is more than just a photography session; it's a collaborative experience between the athletes and the photographer. Alexander Martin works closely with each individual, understanding their unique sports journey, and tailoring the lighting setup to amplify their strengths. Athletes are encouraged to bring their A-game, showcasing their skills, while the photographer captures their essence with precision and artistry.

Every athlete deserves to have their accomplishments celebrated and their legacy preserved. With GetLit, Alexander Martin provides a platform for athletes in Portage, Michigan, and beyond to showcase their talents and capture a glimpse of their athletic prowess. The resulting images serve as a testament to their dedication and commitment, allowing them to share their journey with the world and inspire others.


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