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We asked Michigan wedding photographer Alexander Martin what he thought brides should know...

In two decades from now you find yourself sitting on your couch with your beloved, watching the sun gracefully descend toward the horizon. As a wave of nostalgia washes over you, you lean into your partner's shoulder and reminisce, "Remember how great the pasta was at our wedding?" - crickets -

Well, let's face it—that was an awkward moment. The truth is, when you look back 20 years from now, the culinary details of your Michigan wedding won't really matter. Instead, it's the cherished wedding photos that will hold a special place in your heart. If a fire were to break out in your Michigan home, chances are you would instinctively grab that photo album before anything else, ensuring its safety in the chaos.

Michigan wedding photographer Alexander Martin Imagery in Lansing

This is precisely why exceptional Michigan wedding photographers understand the significance of their role. They approach their craft with utmost dedication, striving to capture the most breathtaking moments of your special day. When we asked seasoned Michigan wedding photographer Alexander Martin to share some valuable tips for brides, he eagerly seized the opportunity. Here's what he had to say:

Your Michigan wedding is all about you. Embrace your vision.

Rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to your Michigan wedding. Don't feel constrained by tradition or let others dictate how your special day should unfold. This is your moment to shine, so follow your heart and make choices that truly resonate with you.

For example, consider breaking away from the conventional practice of standing on either side of the officiant during the ceremony. Why not opt for a unique arrangement off to the side? By breaking with tradition, you'll ensure that your Michigan wedding photos capture the pure essence of your love, without the officiant grinning in the background during your most intimate moments.

Similarly, while bridal parties can add fun and joy to the occasion, they aren't mandatory. From a photographer's perspective, managing a large Michigan bridal party can be challenging. It's easier to focus on capturing the magical connection between just the bride and groom. If you do choose to have a bridal party, carve out some time for intimate moments with your photographer. It allows you and your partner to relax and be yourselves, away from prying eyes. After all, your Michigan wedding is primarily about you and your love story—everything else is secondary.

Exceptional Michigan wedding photos require time.

Extraordinary Michigan wedding photos aren't rushed in 20 minutes. Allocate a reasonable amount of time to ensure your photographer can capture the essence of your special day. While some Michigan wedding venues offer picturesque locations nearby, there might be hidden gems in other Michigan locations that can make your wedding photos even more extraordinary. Embrace this dedicated time as a break from the bustling celebration and savor every moment.

Prepare in a serene and tidy environment.

The preparation time for your Michigan wedding can be stressful, especially if you're surrounded by a crowd of well-meaning individuals. To alleviate this pressure, create a calm and clutter-free environment where you can relax. By reducing the number of people around, you'll be able to fully enjoy the expertise of your makeup artist and photographer. Additionally, be mindful of keeping the space tidy. Those stray packets of crisps and water bottles may seem insignificant, but removing them in post-production can be a time-consuming task for your Michigan photographer.

Michigan wedding photographer Alexander Martin Imagery in Lansing

Embrace the possibility of your Michigan wedding dress getting dirty.

It's essential to accept that your Michigan wedding dress might encounter a few smudges and stains. While dresses and shoes hold sentimental value, obsessing over their pristine condition throughout the day can dampen your enjoyment. Michigan photographers may take you to unique locations that require a little adventure. Those enchanting photos of newlyweds walking through sunlit Michigan fields or exploring rustic barns don't happen magically—they often involve a bit of traversing muddy patches and climbing over fences. Embrace the experience, and let go of dress-related worries. In the end, the joy and memories captured in your Michigan wedding photos will far outweigh any minor imperfections.

Consider implementing a no-device policy during the Michigan wedding ceremony.

Devices like iPads and iPhones can significantly detract from the experience and ambiance of your Michigan wedding ceremony. Request that your guests refrain from taking their own photos during this special moment and instead be fully present, soaking in the joy of the occasion. This small request will help ensure that your Michigan wedding photos capture the authentic atmosphere and genuine emotions without distractions.

Prepare a list of family formal shots and communicate any sensitive family situations to your Michigan photographer.

Your Michigan photographer may not be familiar with the dynamics of your family. Providing them with a list of desired family formal shots can streamline the process and avoid potentially uncomfortable situations. Inform them of any divorces or losses in the family, enabling them to navigate sensitive moments tactfully. Most photographers will ask for this information in advance, but it's beneficial to be prepared in case they don't.

Select the right Michigan wedding photographer and trust their creative expertise.

While family photo lists are helpful, providing extensive shot lists can hinder your Michigan photographer's creative freedom. Avoid the temptation to make your photographer imitate someone else's style—it rarely produces satisfactory results. Instead, express your preferences and share a few examples to guide them. Trust in their expertise and allow them the freedom to capture the unique moments unfolding during your Michigan wedding day. Every couple, location, and moment is different, and your Michigan photographer's task is to authentically document the essence of your love story, rather than replicating images from other sources.

Michigan wedding photographer Alexander Martin Imagery in Lansing

Lighting is paramount for exceptional Michigan wedding photos.

The right lighting can elevate your Michigan wedding photos to new heights. Plan your Michigan wedding timeline to take advantage of favorable lighting conditions. The hour before sunset offers a magical glow that enhances the romantic ambiance. Avoid scheduling your Michigan wedding photoshoot in the harsh midday sun, unless it's an overcast day. Bright sunlight can create unflattering shadows. If you're planning an outdoor Michigan wedding ceremony, be mindful of the sun's position. A ceremony in dappled light can present challenges for your Michigan photographer, as managing contrasting light and shadows can be tricky.

Allow yourselves private moments on the dance floor during your Michigan wedding.

If you have a first dance or bridal waltz planned, carve out some intimate time alone with your partner on the dance floor. Cherish those moments together. It's during these private interludes that your Michigan photographer can capture truly captivating photos. If your Michigan bridal party is eager to join in, consider reserving a brief period exclusively for you and your partner. This allows for a memorable shot that will forever hold significance in your Michigan wedding album.

Embrace and enjoy your Michigan wedding day—the key to remarkable photos.

Weddings can be stressful, particularly for Michigan brides who have been dreaming of their special day for a long time. However, when the moment finally arrives, don't let minor details overwhelm you. Accept that some things might not go according to plan—because they rarely do. Your primary focus should be on enjoying every aspect of your Michigan wedding day as it naturally unfolds.

Be happy. Smile. Slow down and relish every moment. Most importantly, revel in the company of your new spouse. This day marks the beginning of your shared journey. Remember that genuine happiness radiates, resulting in beautiful Michigan wedding photos that capture the essence of your love.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Alexander Martin for sharing these invaluable tips. Please share this article if you know a couple getting planning a Michigan wedding.


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